September 2018 round up


Not a bad month though most of the novels are ones I’ve read before. I haven’t read the latest few of the St Mary’s books so I thought I should re-read from the start to refresh my memory before I read the new ones. I’m almost finished my re-read (well, listen) of the Sookie Stackhouse books, but I was waiting for my next Audible credit to get the next one so I started rereading the Harper Connelly series which I was able to borrow from my library on audiobook.

  • The Very First Damned Thing (A Chronicles of St Mary’s #0.5) – Jodi Taylor
  • When a Child is Born (A Chronicles of St Mary’s #2.5) – Jodi Taylor
  • Books Make a Home – Damian Thompson
  • The Smart Approach to Bath Design* – Susan Maney
  • Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse #12) – Charlaine Harris
  • Voyager (Outlander #3)
  • A Second Chance (A Chronicles of St Mary’s #3) – Jodi Taylor
  • Grave Sight (Harper Connelly #1) – Charlaine Harris
  • Roman Holiday (A Chronicles of St Mary’s #3.5) – Jodi Taylor
  • Grave Surprise (Harper Connelly #2) – Charlaine Harris

And I’ve still to finish:

  • Red Dwarf: Better than Life – Grant Naylor


  • Hollyoaks
  • Hey Duggee, Pocoyo and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, alternated to avoid complete boredom.
  • Outlander series 3 (which follows the plot of Voyager, which I was reading at the same time).
  • The O series of QI as it’s the latest to be on Netflix
  • Another new series of Taskmaster


  • A first aid course so that I can act as a first aider at work
  • Took part in Dundee’s first Pride march
  • Become an auntie for the second time, with a new nephew
  • A lot of boring work to change over direct debits and card details (some companies just don’t make it easy when you get a new bank account!)
  • Run after Brodie even more than usual as he has now learned to walk.
  • Taken Brodie to Auchingarrich, soft play, and lots of play parks.

*If you have a bathroom the size of an average living room and a load of money. Both of which I lack.

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