Monday #322

Last week was a very busy one so not only did I not review Five Go Off to Camp, I didn’t even take it off the shelf. Oops! I will try harder this week.

May round up


Five Go Off to Camp

“Mad! Must be the hot weather! Wants to talk about my boots! Go away and lie down. You’re mad!”

Goon fails to get anything useful from Colonel Cross in The Mystery of the Invisible Thief. 

The hollow tree that Peter and Susan run away to in Hollow Tree House is simply enormous. It’s big enough for three children and a dog to sit in comfort inside, and for two children to lie down to sleep. It has a ridge inside which they use as a shelf, and the only improvement they need make to it is to cut a squarish hole in one side to form a window. It’s generally cosy and dry inside – although sometimes the rain gets in through the branches above. The only way in is by climbing up into the branches and then down into the hollow space – but all the better for keeping unwanted visitors out!



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1 Response to Monday #322

  1. chrissie777 says:

    “Hollow Tree House” reminds me a bit of “The Secret Island”, not quite as well written as “The Secret Island”, but a similar plot.


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