Monday #324

Enid Blyton in the Ultimate First Book Guide


Noddy and the Farmyard Muddle

Amelia Jane slept for an hour – and then she began having horrid dreams about falling into a river and getting cold and wet. She woke up with a jump – and oh, my goodness, whatever had happened? She was clasping a few wet clothes tightly to her – and she was soaked through and dripping wet! The snow-doll had disappeared.

In Amelia Jane Again! Amelia Jane learns a hard lesson about what happens to snow when you bring it into a warm room. She’s a rather horrible doll most of the time but I always feel bad for her at this part of the story as I struggle a lot with things not lasting! I hate using the last of anything, and I have lots of unused things because I’m afraid to use them and not have them any more.

Rubadub is a strange seaside town, visited by Roger and Diana Lynton, their cousin Snubby, his dog Loony, their friend Barney and his monkey Miranda, in The Rubadub Mystery. The town is named for the unusual rock formation in the cliff nearby – a rock shaped like a scrubbing board beside a whirlpool. The pool is particularly dangerous as it draws the water downwards, and anyone foolish enough to fall in! It also sends water through a tunnel into the rock and forces it out a blowhole a short distance away.

The rest of the town is almost as interesting; the inn named Rubadub too is a large rambling building with a skylight looking over the cliffs, and a large, rambling expanse of roof just perfect for exploring.

Then there’s the pier with its pierrots show, a fun fair and a mysterious submarine base…

rubadub mystery



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