Monday #325

The second post of this week will depend on whether or not I am actually called for jury duty at the end of the week. If I am, on top of working and running around after a toddler, I may struggle for time and energy.

Enid Blyton in The World of Children’s Books


Letters to Enid vol 7

Miss Kennedy went pale. She guessed that some trick had been played, though she couldn’t imagine what. She stood up, looking unexpectedly dignified, though bits of straight hair fell rather wildly from two knots at the sides of her head.

“Girls,” she said. “There will be no history lesson this morning. I refuse to teach an unruly class like this.”

The St Clare’s girls give Alicia and June a run for their money in The Twins at St Clare’s.

janet and miss kennedy

The Valley in The Valley of Adventure is located somewhere in Austria, as far as we know. It was once just an ordinary if beautiful valley, with several homes in it. Then the pass was bombed during the war and the valley was lived in no more – except for two old people and their hen who moved into the caves to guard a secret treasure. The whole valley is a secret, really, the only way in or out is by air. There are the secret caves and many secret tunnels.



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