Letters to Enid 11: From volume 1 issue 20

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Letters page from Volume 1, issue 20. December 9th-22nd



 1. A letter from Elke Siekmann, 48 Wellington Avenue, Sidcup.
Dear Enid Blyton,
I am writing to thank you for so much pleasure you have given me through your magazine. I am always waiting for my Mummy or Daddy to read it to me. I am a blind girl, nine years old, so I cannot read it myself.
I am at a nice school, and like all children there, I am very happy, although blind, but many blind children are not happy as there are not enough schools for all.
On behalf of all blind children I wish to give thanks to all members of the Sunbeam Society for their goodwill to help us. I have a sister, Regine, aged 4, she can see, and helps me about. She is my own Sunbeam, and I am glad she is going to join your Society.

Much love from,

(What a wonderful letter! Thank you, Elke – and please give our love to your own little Sunbeam! You win my letter-prize this week.)

2. A letter from Margaret Hill, Trenorwyn, St Minver, Cornwall.
Dear Enid Blyton,
I thought I simply must write and tell you what happened when I made the curious woodland creature in No. 17 of our magazine. Well, I made it, and to my surprise next morning it had grown a tail, because in the warmth of my room the acorn had put out a shoot. I have made one for my friend, but nothing has happened yet. I do hope it will grow a tail soon!
Yours Sincerely,
Margaret Hill.

(I wonder if anyone else’s “woodland creature” grew a tail, too!)

3. A letter from Brenda Tooke, 8 Smiths Cottages, South Wooton, Norfolk.
Dear Enid Blyton,
I am really writing this letter to dear Mr. Twiddle. My mother belongs to the Women’s Institute, and last week they had a competition, drawing a face on an egg, so Mummy drew Mr. Twiddle, and she came in second, which was very good because the first prizewinner was an artist. So you can tell Mrs. Twiddle how popular Mr. Twiddle’s good looks are!
Yours Truly,


(Mr. Twiddle is very glad his face won a prize for your mother, Brenda!)


Elke’s letter is quite heart-breaking isn’t it? Imagine loving Enid Blyton but not being able to read her books or magazines without help. I wonder if her works were ever translated into braille?

That’s another three letters from girls, though. Where are all the boys?


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