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The latest Google searches, straight from the stats page.


We get a whole load of searches looking for summaries every month. Quite often they are for a book, but equally often they want a poem or chapter summarised. Blyton’s poems generally fit on one page so it’s hard to shorten that into a summary! I wonder if people are using ‘summary’ in place of ‘review’ sometimes.

One of the best requests for a summary this month was:

Secret Seven Win Through by Enid Blyton summary in a dreadful blow.

I suspect there’s a chapter called a dreadful blow, but this search makes it sound like they want the summary delivered as a dreadful blow to them. Please, sit down, sir. This summary will come as a dreadful blow to you…

That’s not her name

Fat fingers and autocorrect have a lot to answer for, but I still laugh at the multitude of ways that people can spell Enid Blyton. Neither part seems particularly difficult to me, but both are equally misspelled.

Am I the only one who, on misspelling a search, clicks the correction on the ‘did you mean’ link? I do it even more now that I know that website owners are possibly laughing at their search term statistics.

Lately Enid’s name has been spelt:

  • Enind Blyton
  • Enid Bylton Bunny (to be fair they may have stuck bunny on the end referring to the content of the poems they were after)
  • Enid Blighten
  • Edid Blyton
  • Enid Biyon
  • Anid Blyton
  • Enid Bluton

She’s not the only one being misnamed, however.

I’ve also seen

  • Anunt fanny
  • Julan Kirrin
  • Pmela Cox
  • Eileen Rooper
  • Tasdie (from The Castle if Adventure, no less)

I just can’t help imagining the children bounding in fresh from the beach and asking What’s for lunch, Anunt Fanny? and her replying It’s your favourite meat-pie, today, Julan. I have an odd sense of humour perhaps.

Interesting questions

We usually get some interesting questions. Some are interesting as they throw up something I’ve never thought to ponder. Sometimes it’s because they’re just plain strange.

What can I learn when I read Malory Towers New Term story book? I’m not sure how to answer this. I’m not sure they want to hear that they’ll learn that Pamela Cox’s books aren’t as good as the originals.

Pamela Cox author of Malory Towers is she dead? No, she’s not. I had seen a rumour that she had died but it was confirmed in January that she was alive and well.

What is the mood of Famous Five Run Away Together? I don’t know that I could apply a mood to the whole of the book. There are periods of fear, anger, worry, but also joy and excitement.

Did Noddy have a willy? Probably not. If Blyton’s human’s never needed to use a toilet I doubt she’d made a little wooden man anatomically correct.

Why did Enid Blyton w o n the award boys club of America? Why, because they thought that Mystery Island (the American name of The Island of Adventure) was the best book nominated.

Peter and Julian Enid Blyton fan fiction. I’m interested to know which Peter this refers to. Peter of the Secret Seven? Peter Longfield? Peter Frost? Peter Jackson? Or one of the other Peters from Blyton’s books. We have a Peter in our fan fiction but ours is Petronella Sterling from Malcolm Saville’s Lone Pine books.

The Castle of Adventure question their is something about the castle on hill why is everyone afraid of it what secret lurk its door describe the castle in 200-250 words. I’m not sure where to start on this. The local people are afraid because of old superstition about the old man who once lived there. The secret ‘lurking’ is that it is being used by spies. The very specific request for a description of the castle baffles me.

What colour ties do they wear at Mallory Towers? I don’t believe that it’s ever mentioned. The Malory (ONE L!) Towers uniform is described as Brown coat, brown hat, orange ribbon, and a brown tunic underneath with an orange belt. Based on that, I would guess that it’s either brown or orange! Perhaps both. There are covers showing orange ties, brown ties, orange and brown stripy ties, red and white stripy ties… but some of these show the girls in skirts and blazers that don’t match the brown/orange description given by Blyton and therefore probably aren’t to be trusted!

Why do schools no longer have Enid Blyton on the shelf? I hope that’s not true – but if it is, it is because misguided staff still believe that her books are too simple, or that they are too racist.

George Kirrin in love. This intrigued me as, despite pairing off the rest of the Famous Five, George remains a loner in our fan fiction. We just haven’t worked out who she might settle down with, apart from Timmy! I’ve briefly paired her with Jack Trent and Philip Mannering, but neither date went well.

Pronounce Alicia Malory Towers. Well, I know I had this wrong for a while. In my head it was Alice-ah, pronounced exactly as you would Alice, followed by an ah sound. My friend kindly corrected me that it was Aliss-ay-a, with the emphasis on the liss part. Nowadays Ah-leesh-ah is probably a preferred way of pronouncing it.


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  1. Shadows says:

    These are so interesting!!!
    Please post more!


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