Letters to Enid 21: From volume 2 issue 9

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Letters page from Volume 2, issue 9. April 28th – May 11th 1954



 1. A letter from Judith Allen, 273 Saddlebow Road, King’s Lynn.
Dear Enid Blyton,
I get sixpence a week at school for washing up cups and saucers for my teacher. Fort en weeks I have been saving these sixpences, and now I send 5s. to help your Sunbeam Society.
Love From
Judith Allen.

(You’re a kind child, Judith, and I do thank you for all your hard work.)

2. A letter from Anite O-Connor, 87 Oldham Road, Ashton-under-Lyme
Dear Enid Blyton,
I would like to tell you a strange thing. Every time I am reading one of your books, I go completely deaf to anything that may be said while I am reading it. Don’t you think that is strange?
Yours sincerely,
Anite O’Connor.

(Dear me, yes, Anite! I wonder how many other children go deaf when their heads are in a book? I know quite a few!)

3. A letter from Carol Peare, 36 Frankfort Park, Co. Dublin.
Dear Enid Blyton,
I have an interesting hobby, breeding bantam hens and cocks. My champion game cock has won seven first prizes in Belfast. His name is King William (Billy for short). He is a very cheeky cock. One day he was very funny, he got up on top of the hen-house and started to crow. But the wind came alone and blew him off. Billy was very annoyed about this, and funnily enough I was laughing, and Billy chased me all round the garden because he thought I was laughing at him. He is now the happy father of five bantam chicks.
Love from
Carol Peare

(What an interesting letter, Carol – and what an unusual hobby you have. I like the sound of your Billy.)


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