Lego Blyton: Five On a Treasure Island

Lego Blyton. Two words that aren’t normally put together!

There are Lego sets to go with dozens of movies and TV shows (Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Avengers, Friends, a ton of Disney movies, DC, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings to name but a few) and even games like Minecraft. As far as I know, though, there have never been any based on books. Of course many of these movie franchises were based on books but the Lego sets are then based on the big screen adaptations and not the source material.

Long story short, there are no Blyton Lego sets and probably never will be. But the beauty of Lego is that you can create more or less anything you want out of it, and so I had a go at making some iconic Blyton scenes in Lego.

Disclaimer: this wasn’t my idea. Stef asked me to make a few models for an online event her work were holding and I got a little bit carried away.

Lego Kirrin Island

Well, of course I started with Kirrin. I had intended just to do the castle and the wreck, but ended up Lego-ing various scenes from Five on a Treasure Island.

If I had a big budget and time to order Lego in then I could have done something better – we’ve all seen those immense Lego set ups of Rivendell and so on – but no amount of money would give me those skills anyway so let me warn you now that mine are very basic! I just had to work with the random assortment of Lego from my childhood and what I ‘inherited’ from an uncle and cousins when they grew up (and I clearly didn’t).

I began with George rowing her cousins over to her island for the first time. (Hair and clothing choices were very limited, I have a lot of space uniforms, pirates and soldiers but 1950s clothing especially for girls was limited. I had to borrow Julian’s blonde hair and Timmy from another cousin).

Later, after the storm has thrown up the wreck, the Five go explore it. (I was very lucky to have the Black Seas Barracuda in my  collection, so I did not have to build a ship from scratch! I used the front and back (or bow and stern if we’re going nautical) and only one middle section (out of three, I think) to create a much shorter ship, and obviously as it’s a wreck I left some holes and only added some of the masts, rigging and other details.

Having found the box in Henry John Kirrin’s cabin they return with their treasure map, but it blows away and Timmy has to rescue it. (Wrong kind of treasure map, I know, but I had to work with what I had!)

(Lego Julian is pretty over-dramatic as well as having really bad hair!)

They land on the island and pull George’s boat onto the beach and go looking for the dungeons, finding the old well when Timmy falls down it.

Having found the other entrance they explore the dungeons and find the ingot room, and Julian takes an axe to the door.

Inside Julian and George find a chest of Lego gold coins (the closest thing I had to ingots) but are disturbed by the baddies of the story who are wielding a gun.

Then after various thrilling events that I made no attempt to recreate with plastic bricks, George smashes up the villains’ boat and they escape.

The end.

Some more photos

An aerial shot of the whole ‘island’.

A look at Kirrin Castle with its one remaining tower, and the pile of sticks (rifles!) below from the jackdaws.The very over grown well.

Looking through the arch into the castle courtyard.

One with the book in it, just because.And some with Brodie in it because he’s cute and loves Lego. He was very impressed with the whole set up (mind you he is very easily impressed), and was able to recognised the castle and the boat – he even said “trees” for the pile of sticks as most parts of a tree are just called trees with him. And then he took a bulldozer to it, oh well!

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3 Responses to Lego Blyton: Five On a Treasure Island

  1. Very creative! Thanks for sharing!


  2. jillslawit says:

    This was really fun and had me laughing.


  3. Arthur Herbertson says:

    Very good I’d love a set like this I’m a huge fan of the old children’s adventures I love famous five and others I really like the adventure series


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