Monday #378

I am usually scrambling about for blog ideas but at the moment I seem to have far too many, even with posting three times a week! I am having to have a break between lock down displays on Sundays to fit in the monthly round up this week, and next week there won’t be a fan fic Friday so I can fit something else in instead. It’s the final chapter of Conquering the Castle this week anyway, so next week is a good time for a break before we start on the next fic which is The Mystery of the Missing Agent, based on the events of The Sea of Adventure.

In other news, last week I was excited to get three free audiobooks from Jemma Hatt’s Adventurers Series. Jemma herself got in touch and offered me them in return for an honest review, which I think is a fair deal especially as I had been planning to buy at least one of these to read and review anyway! (Sometimes bloggers can be bitten by being offered freebies which they then spend hours and hours testing and reviewing, and in the end it isn’t really worth it for the sake of the free item, but this is certainly not one of those situations.) So, a review of the first Adventurers book will be coming in the next few weeks (see what I mean about too many ideas!). I feel like I’ve finally ‘made it’ as a blogger!

Malory Towers on TV episodes 9 and 10


Conquering the Castle: Epilogue


June round up

“You’re only kids – but you’re the finest company of friends anyone could have. You know the meaning of loyalty already, and even if you’re scared you don’t give up. I’m proud to have you as my friends.”

Bill gets a little choked up when he discovered that the Mannering and Trent children chose to search for him instead of making for safety in The Sea of Adventure.

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