Monday #390

Recent visitors to the Fan fiction page at the top of the blog might have noticed a new heading: External fan fiction links. There is only one such link at the moment and it is to the story Watergate Bay by Kieran Wyatt. Due to some of the more mature themes in the story I decided against hosting it here but I’m happy to link to it as it was a very good read.

The Island of Adventure: An audio review


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Agent chapter 11

Miss Polly shouldn’t use this room. No, that she shouldn’t, and I’ve telled her so. It’s a bad room. And you can see the Isle of Gloom from it too, when the mists lift and it’s bad to look on the Isle of Gloom… Well, you take my word. Master Philip, and don’t you go looking at the Isle of Gloom more than you can help. This is the only room you can see it from, and that’s why it’s a bad room. No good ever came from the Isle of Gloom. Bad men lived there, and bad deeds were done there, and wickedness came from that isle as long as anyone remembers.

Jo-Jo warns the children from so much as looking at the Isle of Gloom in The Island of Adventure.

island of adventure. jack looks at the isle of gloom


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  1. Avinash says:

    Here are a couple of fanfic stories that you might like


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