Monday #397

I went back to work last week, returned half a dozen library books but have already come home with another one… oh well. I’m only back for around half of my normal hours so in theory that leaves plenty of time for reading.

Lego Blyton: The Magic Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Agent chapter 18

Roger prided himself on his strength, and while Miss Pepper was hunting for the missing sandals, he dragged the trunk to the top of the stairs.

He set it flat and gave it a push. It cascaded down the stairs with a thunderous noise, arriving in the hall at top speed. Snoek the cat got the fright of her life as the trunk rumbled past where she sat on the stairs, waiting to pounce on someone coming down. She leapt into the air, and then tore like a streak of lightning into Diana’s bedroom, as Miss Pepper was coming out in a hurry. Snoek shot between her ankles and landed on the bed, all her fur standing on end and her tail twice its usual size.

Roger behaves in a very Snubby-like way and gives Snoek the fright of her life as they are packing to go on holiday in The Rubadub Mystery.



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4 Responses to Monday #397

  1. Can you please make a character post either of The Famous Five, The Five Find-Outers, The Secret Series, The Secret Seven or The Barney Mysteries please? Character posts made by the World of Blyton are really lovely. Thank You.


    • Fiona says:

      What sort of character posts do you mean? We did have a series of character explorations but they were written by Sunskriti who is now starting college and hasn’t written for us in a while.


      • Well, just anything! Posts like the character of the month. Posts like comparing two characters (like Fatty and Julian). Posts like favorites (like three favorite young characters like Snubby, Bets, Anne etc). Anything.
        All character posts are really lovely. I like them more than book reviews.
        Thank You.


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