Monday #403

Christmas week is finally here, not that it will be much of a Christmas for those who can’t spend it with their loved ones as they had hoped. From this Saturday the whole of mainland Scotland goes into the highest lockdown tier, and so I suspect the usual January blues will be greatly magnified. But still, at least we have something to look forward to this week and hopefully some fun can be had. If not we can all stuff our faces Blyton-style and hibernate for a few weeks.

In no particular order:

Our as yet unnamed Christmas fan fiction featuring the Famous Five and the Mannering/Trents as voted for by our readers.


An also as yet unnamed piece I have written featuring the Famous Five at Christmas, which has a bit of a puzzle in it for you all to solve.

Then what a time she had! She went to the toy-shop and bought dolls, toys, and books. She went to the sweet-shop and bought packets of sweets and boxes of chocolate and tins of biscuits. She went to the book-shop and bought all kinds of gay cards. Really, she had a perfectly lovely time – but she was happiest of all when she gave what she had bought to the children, and heard all their squeals of joy and saw their beaming faces.

“That’s my best Christmas present,” she always said. “That’s my very best Christmas present – seeing the children so happy and excited.”

The ‘she’ in the story is Mrs Millikin, and she appears in Little Mrs Millikin, which can be found in the Fourth Holiday Book.



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