Monday #405

Happy new year! We might be starting it off in a pretty bad place but at least there is hope for the rest of the year.

December round up


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Agent chapter 25


A Happy New Year! It will be the first day of 1958 when you read this, but as I have to send this number of the magazine to the printers before Christmas, it’s not yet 1958 as I write to you. I hope you will have an interesting, happy and lucky Year – and that you have made some Good Resolutions! You know what my main one is – it’s always the same, very short and easy to remember. I hope some of you will make it your resolution too. It’s just – Be Kind!

Enid Blyton writes to her readers in the first magazine of volume 6 of Enid Blyton’s Magazine. I have no doubt that most Enid Blyton readers are kind – if they grew up reading her books they learned the importance of kindness, but given the situation the world is in right now kindness is definitely needed more than ever.


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