Monday #417

It’s now the last few days of March, which means it’s almost April. That means it’s almost Easter, which (for me) means lots of chocolate. It also means we’re that bit nearer to the bigger lifting of the restrictions is due to take place on April 26. Before that, though, we have the school holidays – considering the first children didn’t even go back until the end of February these seem to have come around far too fast.

Five Have a Puzzling Time part 3


March round up

“You’re afraid to fight,” said Pat scornfully. “Cowardy-custard! Afraid to fight! Wants to go Sunday School instead. Pooh, baby! Go along, then. We won’t fight to-day or to-morrow either, little funk. We Taggertys don’t want to have ANY MORE TO DO WITH YOU AT ALL. Good-bye forever.”

Pat dramatically flounces in Those Dreadful Children. 




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