Monday #419

Well, my hope for better weather in April really hasn’t worked out for me. It has been very cold again and we’ve had snow and hail several days running, though it hasn’t stuck.

Still, every cold and snowy day that passes is a day closer to hopeful normality.

The Famous Five’s other companions


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Children chapter 2

“You’ll get plenty of wind in a minute—more than we want. We must take in some of the sail. The ship will heel right over if we let her have all this sail when next the wind gets up. There’s going to be a gale. I can hear it coming.”

There was a queer humming noise in the air that seemed to come from nowhere at all. Then an enormous purple cloud blew up from the west and completely covered the sun. The world went dark, and great spots of rain fell.

A storm strikes The Adventurous Four at sea in The Adventurous Four.

The Adventurous Four, 1st Edition Cover by E.H Davie


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