Monday #424

The hail seems to have stopped now, as the temperature has finally risen to a more acceptable 8 or 10 degrees most days. It hasn’t stopped raining, but then this is Scotland! From today we can meet people indoors and – even better – we don’t have to socially distance from family and friends indoors. It will almost feel like normal life again!

Five on a Secret Trail part 2


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Children chapter 7

“Please don’t disturb me, I’m reading.”

– Guy, or is it Harry? I’ve already forgotten.

In Five on a Secret Trail Guy and Harry get annoyed with the girls, and then also the boys for ‘bothering’ them at various times. I can get behind this one, though, nobody wants to be interrupted in the middle of a good book!

The illustration below doesn’t actually show the scene in the quote, this is earlier in the book before the boys arrive. But it shows Guy-or-Harry reading, so it will do!




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