Monday #441

I’m just back from a weeks’ holiday and it has given me quite a few ideas for new content for next few weeks.

Noddy at the Little Treasures Museum


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Children chapter 21.5

“Hallo, Children!
I am Bom, the little Toy Drummer, and I am sending you a letter to tell you that this is my Very Own Annual. I have filled it full of all kinds of things for you, and I hope you will like them.
There are stories and puzzles and verses and so many pictures that I really can’t count them all!
I send you a big bang on my drum – can you hear it? BOM-DIDDY-BOM-DIDDY-BOM-BOM-BOM!
Love to you all

I bought my very first Bom book while I was away – the Bom Annual from 1958.

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