Monday #447

The October holidays have ended where I am, and we are moving firmly through autumn now. We were having unseasonably mild weather for October, then overnight it turned to unseasonably cold – that’s Scotland for you! The hats and gloves are out now, and they’ll stay out for the next five months or so.

Five Go to Billycock Hill part 2


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Children chapter 27

Mr Goon picked it up and read the message. And he fumed. He read it again. What a pig that boy was! What a little snob! Goon has not ha access to books when he was growing up, whereas Master Frederick Trotteville has at least one middle-class parent who know the advantage of a good education.

If  you’re wracking your brain trying to identify which Find-Outers book this comes from, you can stop. It’s actually from Duncan McLaren’s Looking For Enid. A strange but interesting book which is (according to Scotland on Sunday) a mix of reminiscence, literary detection and fond pastiche. I haven’t read it since I got it in around 2008, which accounts for me not mentioning it on the blog before – I do plan to re-read and review it though!



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4 Responses to Monday #447

  1. chrissie777 says:

    My Duncan McLaren version has a different cover.


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