Monday #449

Last week I think I said I’d put up my October round up, and then got carried away working on the final part of my Five Go to Billycock Hill review, and posted that instead. I will try again this week for the round up (I’m sure you’re all desperate to know what I’ve been reading), and try not to be so forgetful/easily confused.

October round up


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Children chapter 29

‘Fatty—you didn’t spot You-Know-Who, did you?’ asked Bets, in a low voice. But Eunice’s ears were quick, and she heard.

‘Who’s You-Know-Who?’ she asked, with her mouth full of toast.

Did Blyton somehow predict the publication of The Harry Potter books, some 40 years early? Or, as Tom Riddle took on the name Lord Voldemort in the mid 1940s, did she instead predict that his name would become so fearsome that the wizarding world would be too afraid to use it?

These are both suggestions that wouldn’t look out of place in a certain Anecdotage, but in reality Bets is asking about a dangerous but entirely muggle criminal who is on the loose in Peterswood. She’s just being vague as to not let Eunice in on the secret.



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