Monday #451

In case you missed yesterday’s post today is the day that Malory Towers series 2 comes to BBC iPlayer! Stef and I are going to have a watch-along of at least the first couple of episodes tonight (yes, we live hundreds of miles apart but we press play at the same time and chat on Facebook messenger as we watch!) and I will have a review ready for Wednesday.

Malory Towers series 2


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Children chapter 31

I think the book of the week has to be Second Form at Malory Towers which will be the basis for the new series of the TV show.

The Second Form features the unforgettable invisible chalk trick, not to mention the dramatic cliff-top rescue of Mary-Lou and the reveal that one of the girls is a thief. I can’t wait to see how the TV show handles all these plots.

Second Form at Malory Towers dust jacket 1957 reprint by Lilian Buchanan


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