Monday #463

As with every week I consult my online calendar to see what I have lined up to write, or at least what rough ideas I could choose.

Sometimes (like this week) it is done with mild anxiety as I am not at all sure I have any suitable ideas, other times it is done with the confidence of someone who has half a dozen posts half-done and the calendar days filled with post headings for the next three weeks.

As it turns out, I’m sorted for this week! I had entirely forgotten that one of my contributors had sent me something, and as a bonus I had already drafted it into a post complete with images.

That nearly makes up for all the times I check with confidence only to realise that yes, a few weeks ago I had lots of half-done posts but I have already run out…

How Jennings compares with Blyton’s stories by Chris


Malory Towers on TV series two – episodes five and six

One of the moments that made me laugh this week came from the matron of the Malory Towers TV programme.

Matron, played by Ashley McGuire, had been helping the girls bake a cake in class, and when the girls were called away by an irate Mam’zelle Rougier, she succumbed to overwhelming temptation (remember they’re experiencing rationing and proper cakes are hard to come by) and ate a big slice.

Later she takes the cake, complete with missing slice and a candle on top to the dorm for Alicia’s birthday.

When the girls notice the missing wedge, she says with an absolute straight face and no shame whatsoever;

Obviously I had to grade your efforts!



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