Monday #468

Last week rather got away from me – somehow it took all week to write about Shirley Hughes, leaving no time for Malory Towers. I did read A Little Princess, though, which gives me something to write about this week.

P.S. It is officially spring in the UK now. It’s even been sunny this weekend, believe it or not.

If you like Blyton: A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett


Malory Towers on TV series two: Episodes seven and eight

“But you are not at home now, you are at school, and you have to do as the others do, and keep their rules. We can’t have one rule for you and one rule for them.”

“I don’t see why not,” said Bill, obstinately. She often sounded rude, because she was so much in earnest, and Miss Peters sometimes lost patience with her.

“Well, you are not running this school, fortunately,” said Miss Peters. “You must do as you are told. And, Wilhelmina, if you insist on being silly about these things, I shall forbid you to see Thunder for two or three days.”

In Third Year at Malory Towers, Miss Peters and Bill go tête-à-tête over Bill wanting to go riding alone, which is against the rules.

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