Monday #469

It is the last Monday of March and the clocks have just changed, meaning the evenings are much lighter all of a sudden. We’ve also had some lovely spring weather – almost summer weather, though it’s due to be minus 4 by the end of the week so it’s short lived, as the best weather in Scotland usually is.

The Six Cousins covers through the years


March round up

Breaking from the tradition of sticking to book characters, this week I’m having a TV character. North Tower Matron is, of course, in the books. We see her at the start of term checking for health certificates, and at intervals after that as Gwen darns navy shorts with red wool (or some similar crime), or Gwen claims she’s unwell (so mostly when Gwen’s causing trouble). TV Matron, however, has a much bigger role. As there are few other staff at the school, much of the ‘parenting’ of the girls lands on Matron, as well as the nursing, done in the book by the Sister in the san.

Played by Ashley MacGuire on TV, Matron becomes unintentionally very funny. Her indignant outbursts, witty one-liners and impromptu chair naps bring some extra levity to the episodes. In the first series she is not entirely likeable as she is harder on the girls, and particularly bad when she ignores Sally’s symptoms of appendicitis. In series two she is a bit more even-handed and fair, and also shows real compassion for Ellen.

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