Monday #476

I’m taking a little break from looking at the cover art for the books this week before anyone (including me) gets bored, but I am sure I will return to them as they are (usually) reasonably quick and easy to write up.

My favourite Malory Towers moments


If you like Blyton: The Secret of Haven Point by Lisette Auton

 “Was it a kind of family necklace?”

“Yes, it was,” said Granny. “It was a magnificent one, made of diamonds and emeralds, and each of the women who lived in this house wore it. But I can’t wear it, because it disappeared about a hundred years ago.”

“How?” asked Mary, handing round the chocolates.

“Well, it’s supposed to be hidden somewhere in this house,” said Granny. “But people have looked everywhere, as you can guess—so I fear it must have been stolen. How I should have loved to wear it! It ought to go to your own mother, after me, Mary—but it will never be found now.”

Well if that isn’t a challenge! Of course Mary, her brother bob and cousin Ralph set about trying to find the missing necklace in The Adventure of the Secret Necklace.




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  1. Rashmi Varma says:

    A thrilling read.


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