Monday #482

I’m so glad to finally have gotten that Naughtiest Girl Diary done and dusted last week. Now I can move on to other ideas, though it feels like I just did a monthly round up, and yet here I am doing another.

Chris’s Top 5 St Clare’s villainesses


June round up

On Wednesday I arrived at a branch library to cover a shift and there was a copy of the new Faraway Tree book by Jacqueline Wilson prominently on display. This improved my day quite a bit as it turned out that after me rushing up there from my regular branch the shift had already been covered by someone else due to poor communication.

I had actually forgotten that the book coming out at the end of April and although there are 14 library copies (one per branch) in my city this was the first time I’d seen one. Naturally I borrowed it straight away, and this is me making myself accountable. Hopefully now that I’ve admitted to having it I’ll get around to actually reading it – I mean, miracles can happen, right?

You can read my thoughts on Jacqueline Wilson writing a new, modern story based on the Faraway Tree series here.

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