June 2022 round up

I might not have been on the blog as much as usual last month but I still did enough things to write about.

What I have read

Not a great month for reading as I barely read a thing for a week while I had Covid, I just couldn’t focus.

What I did read is:

  • Stepping Up – Sarah Turner
  • Puzzle Pirates – Susannah Leigh
  • The Invisible Library (Invisible Library #1) – Genevieve Cogman
  • The No-Show – Beth O’Leary
  • The Diary of the Naughtiest Girl – Jean Willis, reviewed here
  • 101 Pieces of Me – Veronica Bennett

And I’m still working on:

  • Wedding Bells for Land Girls (Land Girls #2) – Jenny Holmes
  • The Masked City (Invisible Library #2) – Genevieve Cogman
  • A Room of One’s Own – Virginia Woolf

What I have watched

  • House of Games
  • The last episodes of the latest series of Taskmaster, and their second Champions of Champions special.
  • I’ve carried on with Desperate Housewives and am now onto season seven which I’ve never watched before.
  • On the Tuesday  we managed to get together my sister and I watched Father of the Bride
  • We continued Stranger Things and finished Obi-Wan Kenobi.

What I have done

  • We had our family holiday in Glencoe, and were lucky to have a lot of warm days and sunshine. We drove up to Oban to visit Dunstaffnage Castle and Mccaig’s Tower (a huge folly), and of course treated ourselves to ice creams to cool off.
  • We took a boat trip on Loch Shiel, and afterwards went up to the Glenfinnan Viaduct viewpoint in time to see the steam train cross it.
  • We also drove up to Fort William to visit Treasures of the Earth – a favourite from my childhood – and had a quick look at Neptune’s Staircase and then crossed the road to see the steam train again as it headed north.
  • We had a couple of days where we didn’t go far, and visited the former slate quarry at Ballachulish (now home to a lot of tadpoles, fish and birds) and built a dam in the river behind the house, and took a couple of walks around a lochan (full of very hungry ducks).
  • Also local to us was a lovely little folk museum and a group of deer which we saw in the fields behind our house and even the garden too.
  • After that we came home, had time to visit the wildlife centre and then caught COVID which cost us a whole week.
  • Post COVID we managed to have our delayed BBQ for father’s day, and Brodie finished nursery forever (sob) so we got to go along for a celebration and join in some activities with him.
  • We also went to a play session in the park which was filmed for the local news and Brodie ended up on TV!

For context: the photo of Brodie in his waterproofs was taken at nursery. The hole he is pointing to normally holds a bowl for the mud kitchen. It is this hole he chose to climb into and get stuck in during his second-last week at nursery…

What did your June look like?


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3 Responses to June 2022 round up

  1. chrissie777 says:

    June was a delightful month in Massachusetts this year. Low humidity on most days, sunny from dusk till dawn. We walked a lot with our white German shepherd Cody and watched up to 12 wild rabbits on many mornings plus some squirrels.

    In June I’ve read 11 books: The Castle of Adventure, The Sea of Adventure, The Mountain of Adventure (didn’t finish it), The Ship of Adventure, The Circus of Adventure.
    Then two thrillers by Joy Fielding: “Now you see her” which takes place in Ireland and “Shadow Creek” which is set in the Adirondacks north of New York City.

    After the book on the Monuments Men by Robert M. Edsel I simply had to read Anders Rydell’s book on the restitution (return of paintings to Holocaust survivors or their heirs) which was even better written than “Monuments Men”.

    Now I’m reading four crime novels by Linwood Barclay from the public library, I have finished two so far: “Take your Breath away” and “Trust your Eyes” were equally suspenseful and with unpredictable endings.

    It’s getting too hot now to do any outdoors activities, but I’ll take advantage of the next two months and will stay indoors and read a lot. My goal on Goodreads.com is 180 books by the end of this year and I’ve finished 92 books so far.

    We watched a British TV series called “Angela Black” with Michiel Huisman (The Age of Adaline, The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Society) which was excellent. Now we are halfway through the Jeff Bridges TV series “The Old Man” which is very promising so far.
    And from the public library we just picked up season 10 of “Law & Order”. Our goal is to watch all the 22+ seasons and spin offs.


  2. chrissie777 says:

    So how is COVID-19, Fiona? Or is it different for each person?


  3. jimsharpfoto says:

    June was the month I found this site for the first time…how is it possible that it took this long?🙄
    Look forward to reading through posts this summer and giving feedback and input when I’m a tad more up to scratch 😊


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