Monday #487

Well, I managed to write twice last week. Let’s see if I can manage to do it two weeks in a row! It’s the last week of the school holidays here, today we are going bowling and crazy golfing to celebrate Brodie turning 5.

Talking of birthdays, this week marks 125 years since Enid Blyton was born!

If you like Blyton: The Wreck of the Argyll by John K Fulton


Five on Finniston Farm

‘Old junk!’ shouted Great-Grandad again, banging with his glass now. ‘Do you call that great old cart-wheel you bought old junk? Why, that’s more than two hundred years old! My Great-Grandad made it—he told me so, when I was a mite of a boy. You won’t find another wheel like it in England. Hoo—that wheel was made before the first American was born! I tell you . . .’

Great-Grandad is great character and I always wish we could have had more of him in Five on Finniston Farm.



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