Monday #490

The latest book I read had two – count ’em – two references to Blyton in it. Of course I have saved them for a part two of Blyton references in fiction. I have already half-written both of this week’s planned posts, so if I succumb to the stomach bug Brodie brought home from school this week (along with the cold) I should still manage to get something posted.

Five on Finniston Farm part 3


August round up

She went into a hairdresser’s, and asked for all her pretty curls to be cut short, like a boy’s. The girl did not want to do it, but Lotta suddenly took a pair of scissors and began to chop off her curls herself, so the shop-girl had to finish the job properly. What a funny little thing Lotta looked when she came out!

Then she bought a shirt and a pair of blue shorts at another shop.

Lotta slipped behind a hedge on her way back to Mr. Binks’s house, and changed into her new clothes. When she came through the hedge into the road again, she looked exactly like a little boy!

Lotta felt rather grand. She stuck her hands into her pockets, and whistled as she went, with Lulu at her heels. The spaniel did not seem to notice that Lotta was any different. She smelt the same, and that was all that Lulu cared about!

Lotta does a bit of disguising in Hurrah For the Circus! 


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