Monday #493

Having written the bulk of the below last week, I then failed to hit ‘schedule’.

Two weeks ago we heard the sad news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Although some time has passed, the country is in an official period of mourning until after the funeral, so things will take some time to go completely back to normal. Though the ‘new normal’ of King Charles III will take some time to get used to, I think. I believe around 85% of the UK population had only known Queen Elizabeth II as monarch, so a lifetime of consistency has suddenly come to an end for many of us. I think many people, even though they wouldn’t consider themselves royalists or huge fans of the monarchy are feeling unsettled right now.

I have been writing as usual, however, as I think that life has to continue as normal as much as possible!

Five Go to Demon’s Rocks


Enid Blyton and the Queen

God save the king!

– An apt phrase of Kiki’s from the Adventure Series books (excluding The River of Adventure which came out in 1955).

Her phrase was updated to say Queen in later editions, so I have to wonder if they will revert back for future publications?


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