Monday #494

It is now the last week of September, meaning we passed the autumn equinox a few days ago. It is definitely feeling more autumnal now, much cooler weather and darker evenings. My thick cardigans have come out and I am (as every year) on the hunt for a decent pair of boots to see me through the winter. Maybe I should give up and just buy a pair of galoshes to go over my normal shoes!

Five Go to Demon’s Rocks part 2


If you like Blyton for grown-ups: Class by Jenny Colgan

Belinda had wandered off to look for her night-case. Whilst the others were still putting out their things, she sauntered back, a brown suit-case in her hand. She opened it and shook out a pair of pyjamas. She stared at them in surprise.

“Golly! I didn’t know I had pyjamas like this,” she said. “And what posh bedroom slippers Mother has put in for me. For a surprise, I suppose!”

Darrell looked over her shoulder. Then she grinned. “You’ll get into trouble if you unpack any more of those things,” she said. “They belong to Georgina Thomas! She’ll be jolly wild if she finds out you’ve got her night-case! She’s probably hunting all over the place for it now. Can’t you read, Belinda?”

Belinda adds to the chaos of the first day of term in Second Form at Malory Towers by losing her case then taking the wrong one.

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1 Response to Monday #494

  1. thunderwings says:

    I love the illustrations in the Malory Towers series. They illustrate a very much a bygone era! A time when people dressed nicely. I recall wearing gloves, hat, blazer and stockings when I went to school. You don’t see much of that these days. By the way, whatever happened to petticoats?


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