Monday #497

We are over half-way through October already so we are starting to think about Halloween in our house. Brodie wants to go ‘trick or treating’ for ‘candy’ and has been told it’s guising and sweets here (and he can only go to visit people we know!).

Letters to Enid #24


Blyton for grown-ups: Rules and Lessons by Jenny Colgan

How, then, do they know their way half across the world?

We do not know. Birds have a great sense of direction, excellent eyesight, and a wonderful memory for landmarks, but these things cannot alone account for the wonders of migration. The wind helps a good deal, because, in the springtime a south-west breeze blows, and in the autumn a north-east wind. Birds starting out on their long journey fly straight upwards until they reach a strong current in the upper atmosphere, and then fly steadily onwards.

It is a brave, venturesome thing, this long flight to far countries.

We are starting to see those wonderful arrow-head formations of geese flying overhead as they migrate to warmer places. Accompanied, of course, by a chorus of honking.



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