Monday #517

As you can see I’m going to share my thoughts on the whole updating Roald Dahl’s books furore this week. I’m a bit late to the party (as usual) but I have many thoughts (also as usual) so I’m going to get them down before the whole thing is completely forgotten.

Roald Dahl vs the Sensitivity Readers


Five Are Together Again part 3

Jenny is not a character I’ve thought of much, I have to admit – but having just re-read Five Are Together Again I now hold her in rather high esteem. As housekeeper to Professor Hayling she must be a saint, having to put up with the number of idiotic things he does. Fanny puts up with Quentin, but he’s her husband. I can only hope that Jenny is well-paid.

To add to it she is absolutely right about there being a burglary, about someone climbing the tower, and is even bright enough to start investigating herself – but it doesn’t prevent her from ensuring the Five and Tinker are well-fed at every meal.

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