Monday #520

Until around 3pm on Saturday I was blissfully unaware that the clocks were due to change that night. Normally I’m counting the weeks until the end of March so that it’s finally light when I finish work on my late evenings, but I hadn’t thought about it for a few weeks at least. And then this weekend we had a birthday party at 10am Sunday. With the clock change that put us in a soft-play centre at what should have been just 9am.

Brodie had a great time and I managed to read a bit of a book on my phone while he played so it wasn’t all bad. Plus I’m feeling ready for bed earlier than usual which isn’t bad either.

Enid Blyton’s Holiday Stories then and now, part 2

The Five as you’ve never seen them before, part 4

They both wanted to their own way always. If they played pirates, then both Billy and Joan wanted to be captain at once. If they played burglars, they each wanted to be the policeman. If they played aeroplanes they each shouted that they must drive the aeroplane.

While I hope most children don’t end up slapping each other like these two do in The Two Silly Children (from The Red Story Book), this bit pretty much sums up a lot of young children – including my own!



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