Monday #524

Last week I did sit down, more than once, to write about Blyton’s best holiday locations. But somehow I just couldn’t get it written. I got myself a bit tied up trying to work out how much the locations could have changed in the past 70 years (for better, or worse!) and I ran out of inspiration. I think I need to rethink the focus of that post before I attempt a re-write.


If you like Blyton: The Mystery of Flittermouse Cliffs by Zoe Billings


Enid Blyton’s Holiday Stories then and now, part 6.


Jock goes close to the bonfire – against his mother’s instructions – in What a Pity!. As the name of the story suggests he has a bad time of it, but hopefully learns a lesson! I probably don’t have to say it but this is an Eileen Soper illustration, and I found it in Tales After Tea.

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