Monday #526

Last week I was called for jury duty, though I didn’t end up serving thankfully. That’s why I didn’t commit to writing anything – I didn’t know how much time or energy I would have. It’s over now, though – and I can be excused for the next two years, but I hope my next call is much, much further away than that (or that I just don’t ever get called again, to be honest).

April round up


Letters to Enid #26

A date was fixed for the six boys to attend the Juvenile Court in the district, and for their parents to attend too. Len and Fred were frightened, and Jack was very upset. Patrick was defiant. What did he care! He’d do it all again if he could. But secretly he was afraid too. What exactly would the magistrate do to him?

Sticking with the court-theme, here’s a quote from The Six Bad Boys. There was no jury in the Juvenile Court as featured in the story, but it must have been frightening for the children regardless.

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