Letters to Enid part 26: From volume 2 issue 14

Previous letters pages can be found here.

I have been hunting for this issue for ages so I could continue this series. I still need volume 2, issue 15 though, so this series will need to go back on pause until I can find that one as well.

Letters page from Volume 2, issue 14.
July 7th – 20th, 1954.



 1. A letter from Charles Stewart, Co. Down, Ireland.
Dear Enid Blyton,
One day I read your story about “Bedrooms in the Bushes,” so I tried the idea. I took an old flower-pot and stuffed hay and straw in it. Then I put the pot in the hedge, hoping the birds would roost inside on cold nights. I did not go at night to see if any were there, but I did go in the daytime. Week after week passed, but still no bird was in it. Then one evening I went to the flower-pot, and I found a nearly finished nest there. After five days where were four eggs in it. It was a thrush’s nest.
Love from
Charles Stewart

(What a very interesting letter, Charles! Your pot was a house for the birds, not just a bedroom!)

2. A letter from Ann and Doreen Gray, Castle Douglas.
Dear Enid Blyton,
We have a pet lamb, its mother died. We have grand fun with it. It runs up and down the stairs and follows us all over the place. Mummy has to hold it fast when I go to school in case t follows me. That is all for now.
With love from
Ann and Doreen Gray

(Your pet lamb must the related to the one in the rhyme “Mary had a little lamb”! I think you are very lucky.)

3. A letter from Patricia Johnson, Debden Green, Essex.
Dear Miss Enid Blyton,
I have a small brother, and my mother reads Noddy to him My brother thinks he is lovely, and you’ll never guess what he does! He takes an imaginary Noddy about with him! He takes him on his bike and helps him upstairs and even puts him to bed. Christopher is 3 and I am 13, and we both love your magazine.
Yours sincerely,
Patricia Johnson

(How I would love to see Christopher with his imaginary Noddy, Patricia! Thank you so much for telling me.)

The children’s letters always make me laugh.

Ann and Doreen ending their missive with that is all for now is priceless. It’s interesting, though, that the letter begins with we, and then becomes I. I suspect the older of the two girls wrote it on behalf of them both – perhaps at Mummy’s prompting to include the sibling!

I love Patricia’s story about the imaginary Noddy. I think that’s a much more interesting letter than the one about the nest which did rather drag on! Then again Patricia is 13 while Charles is probably much younger. It’s great that a 13-year old and a 3-year old both enjoy the magazine as well.

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1 Response to Letters to Enid part 26: From volume 2 issue 14

  1. Rashmi Varma says:

    It is immensely heartwarming and satisfying when young readers actually emulate so many things that the great writer has written.


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