Su’s Five Find-Outers and Dog Collection

This article was sent to me by Su, a regular on the Enid Blyton Society forums. I recently posted this article about how I completed my Find-Outers collection and at the end asked “Have any of you gone to great lengths to obtain an Enid Blyton book? What was your most difficult find?” Turns out Su had a similar story to tell, and here is is.

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Reading Fiona’s epic tale of how she has finally completed her set of Find-Outer’s books really struck a chord with me.  It could almost have been my tale as I too started out with one hardback book – The Mystery of Holly Lane – that I had obtained at a car boot sale and ended up just needing that elusive Banshee Towers at the end.

I had all the FFO in paperback that I had collected at various fêtes,  school fairs and as ex-library books.  When I had eventually replaced all the books in hardback, apart from Banshee Towers (surprise surprise) I decided to sell them as a set.  They sold on ebay and went over to a lovely lady in Canada.  I was browsing the forums about a month later and one of the forumites mentioned reading a FFO book that she had recently purchased.  From her name on the forum, her ebay ID and her location it turned out that this was the person who had bought my books!  Sadly she no longer posts on the forum but I hope she is still getting enjoyment out of the books.

When I sold the paperbacks I still had to obtain that elusive last title.  I was going to the Enid Blyton Day in 2010 and was determined that I wouldn’t leave without a copy regardless of the cost.  My 40th birthday was coming up and this was to be my (early) present.  I managed to buy a copy at the day for £45 and judging by what people have said, this was a bargain as it is in near perfect condition.  Along the way I lost out on a copy without dustjacket, which went for £7, but I’m glad I didn’t get it in the end, as the feedback given stated that the book was scribbled in and had all the pictures coloured in.  I don’t mind inscriptions or incomplete jackets but pictures coloured in are the one thing I don’t like.

I am still on the lookout for FFO bargains with jackets as I only have 7 with jackets and one of those – The Mystery of the Secret Room – is missing the spine and back flap.  As I have a very small budget for each book this is taking quite a while.  Here’s a picture of the whole collection which cost me a total of, wait a moment while I go to my spreadsheet (yes I know how very organised), £112.  Not too bad when you consider how much one of the books cost.

Su’s Five Find-Outers and Dog collection, complete with the elusive “Banshee Towers”

Now I just feel like having a re-read, it’s pity I have so many other things to do.

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1 Response to Su’s Five Find-Outers and Dog Collection

  1. momo1954 says:

    Good post Su and its nice to hear how people collect their books.I have saved in my ebay watch list for you details and book shop of the book you are after….
    Price 7.75 GBP
    Binding : Hardcover
    Publisher : Methuen & Co. Ltd.
    Publication Date : 1949-01-01
    Signed : False
    First Edition : False
    Dust Jacket : False
    Keywords : 1941-1950, English, Hardcover, Regular Size
    Condition : Acceptable
    Classification Notes : An acceptable copy of this book. Some wear and dirt to it, a little creasing to the covers. Overall in decent condition & perfectly readable.

    An acceptable copy of this reprint edition. The wrapper is somewhat faded. There is a split to the rear of the spine for about half of the edge. Internally clean and tidy.

    When I buy Enid Blyton books like you I keep a report of cost, the history and which country it came from.


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