Monday Musings in the First Week of December

It’s Monday again, just where did the weekend go? Anyway, we’ve actually got quite a few things planned for the blog this week and for the coming weeks.

We have the next instalments of Poppy’s Book of the Month and Sunskriti’s Animal Explorations,  we’ve got two new contributors busily writing their début pieces plus the next parts of My Childhood Books and the Famous Five Synopsis by me. PippaStef will hopefully be putting together another set of recommendations for great winter reads, and we’ve also got a few Christmas themed Blyton poems and songs to share with you.

This weekend saw two milestones: the World of Blyton Blog turned one month old yesterday, and on Saturday I celebrated 5 years as a member of the Enid Blyton Society Forums.

As always, we will end our post by thanking everyone who’s reading the blog and we encourage you to comment, contribute and critique!

Have a great week everyone!

P.S. The forecast is for cold weather and maybe even snow in the UK so wrap up warm, won’t you?

Tomorrow's weather for the UK.

Tomorrow’s weather for the UK.

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