A very Blyton Christmas

It seemed only proper on Boxing Day to talk about the presents I received yesterday for Christmas. I mean the Blyton themed ones of course!

I received three Blytonian presents from friends yesterday (none from family I’m afraid). Quite a high number, I think – three Blyton items from friends.

The first of these was a couple of Enid Blyton’s Magazines from a good friend of mine, Daisy (who can be found over on the superb Yellow Bunting Blog). These two magazines are full of little snippets of Blyton’s stories, competitions, and letters from the lady herself. These little magazines are tricky to collect because they are the kind of disposable magazine that children and their parents got rid of after a certain amount of time. These little booklets in a good condition can be expensive, but I’m so thrilled and touched by the gift from Daisy, I must admit I almost cried a little!

My wonderful Christmas Present- Enid Blyton Magazines circa 1957 & 1958

My wonderful Christmas present Enid Blyton Magazines circa 1957 & 1958

My second Blyton present of yesterday was given by my gorgeous friend Catherine, and was a fifth edition of Blyton’s book Birds of Our Gardens printed in 1951. For a book of its age it is in fairly good condition and as it appears all the photo plates within the book are still in there and intact. I look forward to giving this book a proper look over at a later date, but for now I’m just enjoying the gorgeous illustrations and the lovely warm feeling that the gift has given me; how wonderful are my friends?! 😀

My Second Christmas Present: Birds of Our Gardens Fifth Edition 1951

My second Christmas present: “Birds of Our Gardens” fifth edition 1951

Now when Catherine and I exchange books at Christmas, we usually put a little note in, usually written inside to make them more personal, and I just loved that this year she did it on a piece of paper to not damage the book. I also love that she loved the book as well!

The Note from Catherine

The note from Catherine

My third Blyton themed Christmas present is from the wonderful Fiona, who has put a lot of effort into making me a wonderful personalised gift. She did the same last Christmas when we first swapped gifts (we’d only met in August 2011, and had been talking since May so these were the first gifts we had exchanged) and last year I had a smashing personalised Famous Five mug with my favourite cast members on it. This year, a gorgeous tote bag with a wonderful quote from Louisa May Alcott on it that says:
“She has read too many books and it has addled her brain”.

The best part was the front of the bag: painted and drawn on to that wonderful blank canvas are 6 of my favourite books, three of which are Blytons. Fiona has even managed to copy the signatures of Blyton on to the bag, and it’s simply fabulous! I’m almost too scared to use it that it’s so nice!

My Wonderful Fiona Crafted Book bag!

My wonderful Fiona crafted book bag!

Well those are my Christmas treasures from yesterday! And I adore all of them. It truly tells me that I have amazing friends. I love every one of my presents, and can’t thank those who have gone to such lengths for me for getting and making such brilliant presents! Thank you all!

Did anyone else get any Blyton themed presents yesterday? Comment below!

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7 Responses to A very Blyton Christmas

  1. Sandra Keeley says:

    Steph, has the Birds Of Our Gardens book got Eileen Soper illustrations in?


    • fionab1986 says:

      According to the Cave the illustrators were Roland Green, Ernest Aris and R. Westcott.


      • Sandra Keeley says:

        Thanks a lot for that info. I’m looking to collect as much Eileen Soper Enid Blyton-related books as I can, so was curious.


        • fionab1986 says:

          Soper is my favourite of Blyton’s illustrators. She has such a distinct style and draws children so beautifully.


          • Sandra Keeley says:

            Eileen is one of my biggest inspirations. I love her artwork. As you say, she had such a distinct style. Her drawings of children and wildlife were so beautiful and unique. I really relate to her outlooks on life and the environment too. An amazing woman.


  2. I just discovered your lovely blog! What wonderful gifts- am very jealous!


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