Happy New Year!

We have reached the end of 2012 – a big year it seems for everyone! But now we have 2013 to meet and greet. Hopefully we will be treated to a good year!

Once again, Happy New Year to you all from us here at the World of Blyton Blog.

I shall leave you to savour the moment with a couple of things to enjoy:

First of all, we would like to inform you that we have reached 4,051 views on the blog as I write this. If this is what we can achieve in two months, I look forward to seeing how World of Blyton fares in 2013.

Secondly a little insight into our creative processes, involving Fiona and myself:

Approximately 11.27pm

Fiona: All we need now is a Happy New Year post.
Stef: Did you want to do that?
F: Not sure I feel very inspired right now.
S: I can do it, it’s not a problem. Just thought I’d ask.
F: Yeah if you’ve got an idea, go for it.
S: I’m sure I can find something… Ooooo! Damn. Might be able to do it…. By the way found the poem book yet?
F: Yeah…. um I definitely saw it the other day. Think it’s in a cardboard box with an unimaginably random series of items.
S: Ahh right. So you don’t know whether there is a New Years poem at all then?
F: Is that “please go and look?” 😉
S: Yes 😀
F: Found it!
S: 😀
F: Shall I add the poem to the post?
S: Ummmmmmmmm. Separate post for the morning? I’ve got another idea…
F: Which is…
S: [Paraphrasing] You’ll have to wait and see…

This is an example of how our blog management occasionally happens!

For one last time:

Happy New Year from Fiona and Stef.

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1 Response to Happy New Year!

  1. Gerry Francis Kelly says:

    What a force of nature you two are! The Blog is obviously in safe hands.
    Wish you both a very Happy and productive New Year.



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