Little New Year – A Poem by Enid Blyton

It’s the start of a new year today, so here is a little poem from Enid Blyton about the joys a new year brings.

Oh, little New Year, we are glad you have come,
You’ll bring us the snowdrop and crocus again,
You’ll bring us the bee and the blossoming tree,
The high winds of March and the soft April rain.

You’ll bring us the daffodils bright as the sun,
The swallow, the cuckoo, the nightingale shy,
The tulips in May, the white hawthorn spray,
And over them all the blue of the sky.

Oh, little New Year, you are welcome indeed,
You’ll tell every robin and blackbird to sing,
And all the day long we’ll hear in their song
The promise of sunshiny days in the spring!

Originally published in The Enid Blyton Poetry Book, 1934.

Happy New Year to all our readers!


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