Poppy’s Book of the Month: The Folk of the Faraway Tree

By Poppy Hutchinson

Series: The Faraway Tree series
Main Character/s: Jo, Bessie, Fanny and Connie.
Published: 1946
First Published By: George Newnes
Rating (out of 5) : 5/5

The Folk of the Faraway Tree, the third book in the fantastic Faraway Tree Series, and in my opinion the best, is an enchanting fantasy tale that has mystified children and adults of all ages since it was first published in 1946. The story is of an amazing tree that grows in the depth of an enchanting forest. A new land arrives at the top every so often and the children often get into trouble in which ever land they visit! Many strange folk live in the tree, whom Jo, Bessie and Fanny have made friends with throughout the previous two books. The main ones are Moon-Face, a kindly fellow whose face, of course, is moon shaped. I always remember Moon-Face because of The Slippery Slip, a slide that runs through the tree, right to the very bottom. Another is Sauce-Pan man, who is deaf. He adds a very comical touch to the book, and makes situations very entertaining. Silky is a fairy, who is always baking the most delicious things you ever thought of. Pop biscuits are my favourite invention. Wouldn’t I just love to try one of those! Dame Washalot is always throwing soapy water down the tree and drenching the children when they are climbing up to visit their friends. She is obsessed with washing, it seems. There are other characters too, but I’ll let you find that out for yourself. Ah, now let me tell you about Curious Connie. I can imagine her now, all prim and proper, a tiny little nose, dressed in a beautiful frock, and lovely golden hair. Although she sounds very pretty, her personality is the opposite. She is very high and mighty when she arrives to stay the children’s house. A visit to the Faraway Tree will put the girl right though! And that’s just what the other children intend to do! The children promise to take Connie up the Faraway Tree the day after she arrives. When the children tell her about it, she sticks her nose up about everything. That would soon change though! The book takes the reader through how Connie changes after spending a few weeks with the children. Soon she is desperate the help save The Faraway Tree and all the folk in it when a horrifying trouble meets them.

I gave the book a 5 star rating because you simply can’t fault it! It has a fantastic story line, beautifully written, and a pleasure to read! I would rate this book for boys or girls of the age 8+. Happy reading everyone!

The Folk of the Faraway Tree illustrated by Dorothy M. Wheeler

The Folk of the Faraway Tree illustrated by Dorothy M. Wheeler

Image from the Cave of Books

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  1. Francis says:

    Great book and the illustrations are wonderful!


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