The Happy Monday

For once I’m pleased it’s Monday. The schools are off, and that means I’m off too!

Coming up on the blog this week is Poppy’s book of the month, my review of The Castle of Adventure, and most likely something from Stef too. Unfortunately I can’t tell you if it will be part 5 of her fan fic – I don’t even know if that’s been written yet. As desperate as everyone (including me) is to find out how Julian tells George his news we might have to wait a bit longer to find out!

As predicted by Stef in our last Monday post we did indeed hit 7,000 views last week. In fact we’re nearly at 7,500 now.

Our other news is that World of Blyton Blog is now on Twitter! If you’re on Twitter you can follow us and find out about new content as soon as it goes up!

P.S. today’s blog title is taken from the band, The Happy Mondays.


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1 Response to The Happy Monday

  1. Francis says:

    Being retired it’s just another day of the week – except of course to welcome your blog! Glad you are off even if it means all those energetic children are loose in the shops etc! Gosh I sound like an old fogey – something I promised never to be when I was young!
    Looking forward to all the new articles/blogs.
    Your devoted follower.


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