Monday Musings!

Now… what can I possibly say to tempt you to come and visit us this week?

Well I can offer you another Secret Seven review from Ben for our guest blog on Wednesday. I can’t say what Fiona might offer us on Friday because she’s got so many to choose from! We shall all have to be surprised at which one she chooses!
As for me, well I’ve got three I could easily put up on Sunday. There is the next piece of my fanfiction, which I guess you’re all looking forward to, or there is a more personal blog on “Ten facts: The Famous Five and Me!” The other option is the February Flowers blog (I have just realised that we are running out of February).

I’ll keep you guessing! 😉

On another note, we have passed 8,000 views! Thank you all so much for viewing our blog. Thanks to all of you who come back time and time again, and hello to everyone new who keeps clicking the follow button.

Don’t forget that we can be found on Facebook, so come and like our page, and we are now up and running on Twitter, so tweet us to say “Hi” and keep up to date with all our blogs!

Once again, we make an appeal for writers. You can be a regular writer, or just have a one-off post. We’re quite a laid back site and would love to have you writing for us. Check out our Want to Write for Blyton Page? to see how to submit a piece to us. If you like, you could even review my fanfiction!

Also, if you have a Blyton based or themed event that you need promoting, please do email us and we can help you spread the word!

And on that note, if you’re a Blyton fan and want more than the blog can provide for you, may I suggest that you head on over to the Enid Blyton Society Website and subscribe to their excellent journal for £10 (UK), £14 (Europe) and £16 (worldwide) for three journals filled with fabulous articles, uncollected works by Blyton and lots of other interesting things! You can check out the information here!

To make subscribing even more exciting, I do believe that Journal 50 has just gone to print! So click, subscribe and wait for the Blyton goodness to flow in!

To end with, I would like to leave you with a philosophy for the week. A little something that Fiona and I have come up with and is even the foundation of our Julian fan page on Facebook Julianity.

So if you encounter a trick problem, ask yourself: What Would Julian Do? 😉

Have a good week and we hope you enjoy this week’s posts!

What Would Julian Do? Julian and George portrayed by Marco Williamson and Jemima Rooper

What Would Julian Do? Julian and George portrayed by Marco Williamson and Jemima Rooper

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1 Response to Monday Musings!

  1. Francis says:

    Oh Stef, you are such a tease! Still, anything you produce will be happily read by me – and Fiona’s and everybody else’s as well.

    When the great day arrives – you know what I am waiting for- I will be so happy!


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