Monday? More like Make-a-mess-of-it-day

As you might have noticed, things didn’t go quite to plan on the blog this week. Firstly I didn’t write fast enough to post anything on Friday, and then WordPress ate the schedule so my finally-finished post didn’t get published on Sunday either. That means I’ve got a choice of what to post this week.

Our Wednesday contributor this week will be Aaron with part two of his look at The Children of Cherry Tree Farm. Then I’ve got a choice of Childhood books Part 6 (stand alone titles), The Valley of Adventure Review and my 10 Facts About the Famous Five and Me. What would you rather see?

I’m not sure what Stef will post this week, possibly the next part of her fanfiction which you’ve all been waiting for, or nothing at all, allowing me to post twice to make up for the debacle last week.

Just remember to take this all with a pinch of salt as last week proves these plans are anything but set in stone.

I will leave you with a few photos from my walk yesterday along the route of a dismantled railway, so dismantled there were few signs it had ever been there and there were definitely no smugglers running spook trains.

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1 Response to Monday? More like Make-a-mess-of-it-day

  1. francis says:

    10 Facts about the Famous Five and you sounds great – but really any of the three would be good, Fiona.


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