100th Post – Best of the World of Blyton Blog

In four short months we have had over 9,500 views and posted 100 times! We thought that deserved a celebration Blyton style. So pull up a picnic blanket, crack open the sardine sandwiches and ginger beer and read on to find out what we’ve loved most about running this blog!

Fiona’s top 5 blog moments

5. I always enjoy reading what our contributors have sent us for the blog, and so far I think my favourite contributor post is Abi’s blog on the EB Day.

4. The blog I enjoyed writing the most has to be 10 facts about the Famous Five and me. I got to dig out old books and toys to photograph as well as browsing the internet looking for other images. It was a lovely trip down memory lane.

3. I also really enjoyed researching for the post Birthday Presents and Boots Libraries. I learned some really interesting things about Boots and the libraries they used to run.

2. We’ve reached plenty of milestones on the blog but I think my favourite one was our first –  the day we reached 1,000 views. That was on the 18th of November, when the blog had only been going for a little over two weeks. I had never expected we’d reach those sort of figures in such a short time (I thought it would take months at least).

1. My favourite moment actually happened behind the scenes of the blog, when I received an email from Su. Su said she was inspired to write her own blog piece after reading one of mine, which was a great feeling.

Stef’s top 5 blog moments

1. My top moment has to be the day when we received 214 views on the blog in one day (November 19 to be precise). We haven’t matched that since although we already have over 9,000 views.

2. Another of my favourite moments was the day I was looking at the search terms people had used to find our blog and found several terms relating to my fan fiction about Julian Kirrin and Sally Hope’s blossoming romance.

3. I have very much enjoyed all the contributors’ blogs but I think my favourite has to be tied between Julie’s blog on creating her water colour of Blyton’s house, Green Hedges, and Corinna’s first blog about her Blyton childhood and Abi’s blog about the Enid Blyton Day in 2012.

4. The blogs I have most enjoyed writing were the explorations of Bourne End in Buckinghamshire. I love the fact that I have been able to go back during different times in the year and discover a whole new side to the magical place that is Bourne End. Even though I enjoyed the Winter walk with the snow falling around us, my favourite walk so far has to be the Autumn walk, where all the leaves made for lovely colours. I look forward to completing the set with a spring walk and a summer walk – should our weather improve enough for us to have spring and summer this year!

5. However the blogs I am most pleased about, with the reception that I received for them are my fan fiction blogs. I love the way people have embraced my ideas and my writing (of which I am not confident about!) in fact the search terms just go to prove quite how successfully my writing is being viewed. I also love the fact that Fiona has said to me that she considers my ramblings to be blog canon (which is basically the fan fiction this blog is known for and accepts).  So thank you to everyone who has read my fanfiction pieces, dropped me a comment or just simply ‘liked’ it. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Our Combined Favourite Moment.

So our combined favourite moment, would have to be right at the beginning of the blog, when we set everything up. Luckily at that time, I was staying with Fiona for a few days and we had chance to work on it together. Originally I was just going to run the blog and Fiona was going to beta read the blogs before I put them up,  but she got bitten by the bug as well which lead to her having an account and run of the blog.

In this piece, we recollect how everything came about.

Fiona: I was going to put setting it up as one of mine. You and me camped out in my bedroom.

Stef: Yeah that was fun. Getting the book picture right….

Fiona: Ah, yes.

Stef: Standing on your sister’s mattress. Getting all your books off your shelves.

Fiona: Turning them upside down. Me aiming the lamp.

Stef: Me not being able to use your laptop. All in our PJs

Fiona: I forgot that part.

Stef: Was that on the second night?

Fiona: I love how we did it at like 11pm cause we just couldn’t wait after talking about it so long.

Stef: Exactly.

Fiona: Yeah, well we set it up one night and then did the photo the next after Pete’s comment.

Stef: Yeah… and it took me two days to write that history of Blyton.

Fiona: I remember, cause I kept wanting you to add to it.

Stef: Yep, and we couldn’t work out what we could and couldn’t miss*.

(*Fiona: Not an actual part of the conversation we had there but I felt that we couldn’t miss out ANYTHING as it was all INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT.)

Well there you have it, our top moments for the blog. It doesn’t feel like we’ve done 100 posts, nor that we started this all the way back in November. Its been moments of panic (especially when we were posting every day!) and joy when our posts get such wonderful comments. Why don’t you share your favourite blogs with us to join in our celebration?

Don’t forget to come back on Friday for our 101st post by our lovely contributor Corinna with her “Come to the Circus” review.

Fiona and Stef outside Old Thatch, May 2012

Fiona and Stef outside Old Thatch, May 2012

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3 Responses to 100th Post – Best of the World of Blyton Blog

  1. Corinna says:

    Wow, so hard to choose from so many favourite blogs! Recently I’ve really enjoyed both of your “Famous Five and me” blogs – I love reading about people’s personal experiences of the books. Jolly good stuff old chums and keep up the good work! 🙂


  2. Francis says:

    What a team you two girls make! It is so difficult for me to decide which contribution I have enjoyed most – I think both your lists covers some of the most interesting but really I don’t want to choose. Thanks again to both of you (the driving force) and to all the other contributors – I just wish I had your talents.


  3. Pete says:

    Great blogs don’t just happen,they are the result of lots of hard work,love and dedication.
    That can clearly be seen on The World Of Blyton Blog.So very well done girls for an Enid Blyton Blog to be proud of!
    Best Wishes



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