Where have the weeks gone?

Its MARCH already! March! This year seems to be galloping past!

Last week, you had two posts from Fiona to make up for the fact that her post got eaten the week before by WordPress’ schedule function, but no, you will not be receiving two posts from me this week. We’re back to a post each a week!

Our guest writer for this week will be Corinna with her thoughts on Blyton’s “Come to the Circus”. That will be Friday’s post. (Ok so I lied, a slight change to the schedule!)

As of yet, I don’t know who’s post we shall have on Sunday because Fiona and I are co-writing Wednesday’s post

Wednesday will be our 100th post on World of Blyton which is why we’re co-writing a piece on the blog for you. You’ll have to pop over on Wednesday to see what it’s all about!

Now in the last week, we have hit 9,000 views on the blog, and are even as far as 9300 views all together. We’re really keeping the numbers up, so we must be giving you what you’re looking for in a blog.
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Also, please don’t forget to sign the petition to help lend force behind getting Enid Blyton a Blue Plaque in her home town of Beaconsfield. You can see what to do here!

So once more, we wish you Happy Monday!

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1 Response to Where have the weeks gone?

  1. Francis says:

    An early happy 100th birthday to all those splendid people who have contributed to this wonderful blog – particularly Stef and Fiona who have entertained us so much.


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