A Last-minute Monday Message

I’d completely forgotten it was my turn to write the Monday post until after 11 on Sunday night, so I apologise for the rushed and panicked nature of this!

Coming up on the blog this week we have the next instalment of Sunskriti’s animal character explorations. I’ve actually no idea what I’ll be posting later this week as I’ve not got anything that’s finished. I’m at a stage where I’ve got a couple of posts half written and another couple of posts that are at this stage just a very rough list of ideas to cover. Likewise I don’t know what Stef will be posting, though it might be some recommendations for spring reading – as we’re hopeful spring will eventually appear, even though it’s nearly the end of March and it still feels like mid-winter. 

There’s not much news on the blog front this week, apart from the fact we hit 11,000 views a few hours after our last Monday post went up.

Next week I’m away on holiday, so hopefully in between working and packing (I’m taking more than a sleeping bag, spare socks and field glasses!) this week I will get a couple of blogs finished for this week and next week. Not to worry, though, I’ll be taking my laptop with me so I’ll still be keeping my eye on the blog. And who knows, I might stumble on an adventure or two while I’m away as I will be visiting the ruins of Urquhart Castle, and doing a little bit of hiking too.

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