Spring into Monday

It would seem that spring has sprung at last! We’ve had some sunshine (and rain, and wind but that’s not important) the birds are out and chirping all day long, the daffodils and crocuses are out and we’re starting to see the wildlife waking up.

I now need to look out any nature books I have by Blyton to read about frogs and tadpoles. I hope when I go back soon I will see some tadpoles and then see them developing into frogs!

Anyway, on to blog matters! This week we are going to have the first two chapters of a new fan fiction, Five Go to Hogwarts by Abi. As you might have guessed this is a Famous Five and Harry Potter crossover, so to read about Aunt Fanny with a wand you’ll have to come back to the blog on Wednesday.

From me this week is a post about influenza. That may not sound very Blyton-y to you, but it’s the first of a few  posts about illnesses featuring in Enid Blyton books. From Stef, a surprise this week. I’ve no idea what she’s got up her sleeve!

And that’s all the news from the blog this week, hope you enjoy what we post this week.

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1 Response to Spring into Monday

  1. Francis says:

    Five go to Hogwarts – magic!


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