Mystery, Magic, and Midnight Feasts! by Poppy

By Poppy Hutchinson

Recently, I was invited to the very first viewing of the brand new Enid Blyton Exhibition at Seven StoriesMystery, Magic, Midnight Feasts, The Many Adventures of Enid Blyton. I was invited through on a rather special occasion – BBC Breakfast was going to be there and film a slot for the show which was shown on Wednesday. Not wanting to spoil the surprises for all those who are planning to go there, but I will tell you some interesting details and some of the amazing things that are there!

First of all, I would like to express what a great job Seven Stories have done putting together this brilliant exhibition. The room it is set up in, is dedicated to all sorts of exhibitions so before the Enid Blyton one could be put together, the previous one had to be taken out, so in total, Seven Stories only had a week or so to put the new exhibition together.

There are a few amazing details, which I’m sure you’ll all want to know about, about the exhibition. I will begin by saying the very large room is split up into a few different parts – a Malory Towers section, a Famous Five section, a Faraway Tree section, a Noddy part and a bit about Enid Blyton. There are a few other bits in between such as a Secret Seven Society Shed! There was also Enid’s actual type writer which was amazing to see, as well as quite a few of her hand written diaries!

There was also a very clever machine which was made to look like an old TV, and you could press a button and next to it, it had the year, and on the screen it showed some of the books that were published that year. When pressing the last few buttons, it showed how the books progressed into the modern ones which are sold today. It was a very clever aspect!
Also, the films I was involved in making were amazing! They had all been put together to make a new opening theme tune to the 70’s series song. It was great to see and everyone looked great! I was very proud that I had been involved in making such a fantastic exhibition. Of course there is a lot more to see if you go there yourselves – the amazing faraway tree, Toyland, and the Malory Towers common room! It really is well worth a visit and I would encourage anyone to go, along with children of any ages. There was so much to interact – it was a great experience and I can’t wait to go again!

Seven Stories were very interested in our World of Blyton Blog, and are going to advertise it on their own face book page! Thank you all for reading this, and I hope you can all make it to Seven Stories. If not, it will be going on tour in about a years time. It’s really to good to miss!

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Pictures Taken from the Seven Stories Facebook Page

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3 Responses to Mystery, Magic, and Midnight Feasts! by Poppy

  1. wonderful exhibition……must go again…georgina hargreaves


  2. Colette says:

    Thanks, Poppy — I’m pleased that you, like me, could not resist a ride in Noddy’s car!
    : )


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